Lost or Delayed Baggage Luggage on JetBlue

Every airline in the world has lost or delayed a piece of passenger luggage. All passengers should understand that there is a small chance that their baggage will be mislaid, lost or stolen.

However, it is how airlines such as JetBlue deals with the lost, misplaced, delayed or stolen luggage that is the biggest issue. The one thing most passengers want is to be reunited with their possessions as quickly as possible. Particularly when they have arrived at their first destination.

However, if they cant get their baggage quickly, passengers expect that an airline will do all they can to retrieve the item, and keep the passenger informed of the search. And it stands to reason that people will want some form of compensation for the loss or delay, if only a small amount to purchase essential items.

Have you had lost, delayed or stolen baggage when flying Jet Blue?

How were you treated by JetBlue- were you compensated and kept informed?

How quickly was the situation rectified by JetBlue?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Jetblue Plane Lost and Delayed Baggage?

Post your review and comments below.

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